Why Happy Sam

This song, from the late 19th century, still applies today.

It is about the importance of community, each supporting one another other through thick and thin, despite the cruelty of social injustice.

The Lyrics to Happy Sam

Chorus (after each verse):
Oh! I cry a fig for care, rough and ready though me fare
I try to do me duty by me neighbour
Do you wonder who I am? Well me name is Happy Sam
I’m a member of the multitude of labour.

Good evening one and all, I thought I’d make a call
For I love to see a crowd of happy faces.
And since last time here I’ve been
Many strange things I have seen
For I stick me nose into all sorts of places!

I’ve seen rich folks wasting brass, looking down on working class
Little thinking it’s to them they owe their riches
I’ve seen loud talking men,
Always boasting of their sen
When we know it’s the wife at home who wears the britches!

I’ve seen many an honest chap who, hasn’t got a rap
Nor a decent suit of clothes to keep ’em warm in
And there’s many a knave well-dressed
With a black heart in their chest
I treat such like as better sort of vermin

I’ve seen better times and worse,I’ve had money in me purse
And I’ve known what tis to have me belly empty
But I’ve allus met a friend
Who would either give or lend
And I’ve never refused to help when I had plenty

Never look to upper ten if you cannot help yoursen
Unless you want to practice bowing low and fawning
Ordinairy folks take my advice
Stick together like a vice
And we’ll find a better day will soon be dawning