Previous Guests

Flossie MalavialleFrench born singer with a wide repetoire sprinkled with delightful Geordie/Franglais banterDecember 2017
Martin Wyndham Read Martyn Wyndham-ReadSilken voiced singer and accomplished raconteurOctober 2017
Bob FoxBob FoxWest End "Warhorse" Song Man. Well known and popular international artistJune 2017
Bill & KarenBig Sing!Rousing songs led by special guests,Karen Harris & Bill Wilkes (half of GU4)April 2017
The TemplesBarrie & Ingrid TempleGeordie humour and great songsMarch 2017
Nick DowTraditional Folk singer and song collectorFebruary 2017
Lez BarkerUncrowned folk Poet LaureateDecember 2016
Brian PetersWell known singer and multi-instrumentalistOctober 2016
TourdionFrench traditional music and songsSeptember 2016
A Photo Of Jeff WarnerJeff WarnerJeff is a versatile performer of American traditional music, specialising in tunes and songs that illustrate the American past.June 2016
A phto of Peter and Barbara SnapePeter & Barbara SnapePeter & Barbara, based in Lancashire have a varied and entertaining repertoire of tunes and songs, mostly from their native north west.April 2016
A photo of Tom McConvilleTom McConvilleA virtuoso musician and singer. His rich, warm voice makes his interpretation of both traditional and contemporary songs greatly admired.March 2016
Picture of Benny GrahamBenny GrahamA singer with one of the finest voices and a passion for the songs from his native North East.February 2016